How do we amplify the impact of participative policy making

2 min readOct 4, 2022


We are looking for demonstrator projects that could act as test beds for this maturity model, so if you’re developing or planning an engaging project (or planning to) with marginalised communities in the policy-making process, you’ll be able to pitch yours.

What do we mean by demonstrator projects?

A project that is engaging (or planning to) with marginalised communities in the policy-making process that is:

  • Due to mature by February 2023
  • Can be a past or ‘live’ project/initiative
  • Directly or indirectly amplifies the voices of residents
  • The project lead is expected to use the Policy Lab as a Community of Inquiry to help inform, influence and shape actions
  • The project owner can use the Policy Fellow to help facilitate, convene & test methods
  • The project will be used as a case study to form part of the participation academy model

The outcomes of previous work on this:

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