Future challenges & strategic opportunities in the field of participation

We are running a series of workshops on how best to involve residents in policy-making as part of our renewed work developing a participation framework. These workshops will bring peers together with researchers & and community actors to discuss and debate critical problems and discover strategic solutions to the many ways we participate in policy-making, and how in practice, we involve residents meaningfully in policy making. The workshops will be held online and convened by Dr Darren Sharpe, (University College London CAPE Policy Fellow).

Workshops 1 and 2 will introduce the workshop series and explain the goals of the Participation in Policy Making Policy Lab. We will also explore ways to improve our existing mechanisms/systems by involving residents in policy-making based on your practice.

Sign up for the first workshop Uncovering the problems — 13th July — 10 to 11 am.

If you want to also take part in the follow on workshop to develop solutions to the issues uncovered in the first one, sign up for the second workshop: Developing solutions to the problems — 20th July -10 to 11 am.



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