How do we develop our skills in involving residents in policy development?

We are running a series of workshops on how best to involve residents in policy-making as part of our renewed work developing a participation framework. These workshops will bring peers together with researchers & and community actors to discuss and debate key problems and discover strategic solutions to the many ways we do participation in policy-making, and how in practice, we involve residents meaningfully in policy making. The workshops will be held online and will be convened by Dr Darren Sharpe, (University College London CAPE Policy Fellow).

While the first two workshops introduced the Participation in Policy Making Policy Lab in exploring future challenges & opportunities in involving residents in policy-making based on your practice, we then hosted a session on what are the skills we need to develop to embed participation into policy development, check out the slides below and the video above!

Sign up for our next workshop on the 3rd of August on Developing solutions to improve our skills in involving residents in policy.



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