Join us as our new Delivery Managers!

2 min readMay 26, 2024

Come and help embed change across the organisation within our new People & Change directorate! You’ll support teams to deliver our Missions and redesign our services, helping staff test innovative ways of working that help us become the fairest and greenest coastal area in the UK.

At Adur & Worthing, we support thriving people, environment, economy, and places. By working with our communities and partners, we aim to redesign our services to make them adaptive, participative, and resilient, meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens.

In the short term, we’re laying down the essential building blocks to enhance our organisation from spring to autumn. We’re testing these with staff, residents, and partners to ensure we provide the best support and adapt as needed. By the mid-term, from autumn to spring 2025, we expect advanced skills development, better engagement, and more robust financial and program management, all supported by digital tools. This will simplify service access and significantly benefit our communities. Looking at the long term, post-2025, the positive changes will be deeply rooted. Our communities will be more connected, our staff better skilled, and together with our partners, we’ll be poised to draw more investments to achieve our shared goals.

While we face deep financial challenges, we punch above our weight and can be the place where we can work with our communities to test ways to be the fairest and greenest coastal place in the country

We punch above our weight with our partners & communities to deliver practical innovations that can be national exemplars such as Sussex Bay or our Heat Network.

We punch above our weight in redesigning the different layers an organisation needs to adapt to the challenges of the future and our immediate financial challenges such as our Organisational Design, or Mission-Based approach.

We punch above our weight in showing how to re-energise local democracy such as through our Big Listen, Neighbourhood Fund, or Participation Learning Lab.

What service will you be part of?

At People and Change, we’re here to help our organisation deliver its priorities in an adaptive, participative, and resilient way. We’re committed to supporting our services as they evolve to meet our residents’ needs better. By developing the essential building blocks for a resilient organisation, we assist in anticipating and responding effectively to change. This ensures that we are always ready and equipped to serve our community in the best possible way.

Our teams include our People Hub, Workforce Development, Communications, Participation, Strategy and Mission Control which you’ll be in!

Check out here what a week in the life of a Delivery Manager looks like and go here to apply!




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