A week in the life of a Delivery Manager

2 min readMay 26, 2024

We’re recruiting a delivery manager, for which you can apply here! What does it entail? This is purely indicative, of course!

Week in the Life of a Delivery Manager

Based on the provided documents, a week in the life of a Delivery Manager at Adur and Worthing Council could look like the following outline. This is purely indicative, not a template:


Daily Stand-Up Meeting: Participate in a quick stand-up meeting with project teams to review progress, identify blockers, and set daily priorities.

Programme Coordination: Coordinate the updating and tracking of project performance and progress within the allocated mission themes using digital dashboards.

Project Scoping: Facilitate the scoping of new projects, working closely with project leads to define objectives, deliverables, and timelines.

Internal Communications: Manage internal communications within the allocated mission(s) and with the mission sponsor to share updates on the project/s with wider stakeholders (linking with the corporate internal communications lead).


Sprint Planning: Lead sprint planning sessions for ongoing projects, ensuring alignment with agile principles.

Dependency Management: Identify and tackle dependencies between projects, facilitating cross-functional collaboration to resolve potential issues.

KPI Development: Support mission leads in developing achievable and ambitious Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their projects.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with internal and external stakeholders to gather feedback, fostering collaborative solid relationships.


Problem-Solving Workshop: Facilitate a workshop to solve specific problems within a mission theme, unblock barriers, and mitigate risks.

Training Session: Conduct training sessions for staff using digital project management tools and reporting mechanisms.

Roadmap Development: Support project leads in developing clear roadmaps for their projects, ensuring alignment with overall mission goals.

Change Management: Assess the change readiness of the focus areas and develop practical steps to embed necessary changes.


Portfolio Review: Enable relevant boards and portfolio briefings to review progress on various projects, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Contract Savings Assessment: Assess and review opportunities for contract savings within the allocated mission themes, working closely with the lead on contract savings.

Team Development: Support ways to bring project leads together to learn and develop skills collectively, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Workforce Development: Collaborate with the workforce development manager to develop skills for teams in the OD areas of focus they are allocated to.


Performance Reporting: Monitor and report on the performance of projects within the mission portfolio, ensuring alignment with the organisation’s governance.

Governance Meetings: Participate in governance meetings to anticipate longer-term challenges and opportunities, aiding in planning.

Feedback Session: Hold feedback sessions with team members to discuss progress, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

Weekly Wrap-Up: Summarize the week’s progress, update project dashboards, and set priorities for the upcoming week.

General responsibilities throughout the week:

  • Agile Methodology: Promote and implement agile methodologies, including sprint reviews and retrospectives.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: Provide coaching and mentorship to team members on agile principles, practices, and methodologies.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Serve as a focal point for communication between cross-functional teams.
  • Cultural Change: Support teams through cultural changes, embedding new practices and tools across the organisation.




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