Working Together: The case for universal employment support

How can we improve employment, skills and career services to achieve better outcomes?

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As part of Demos’s programme on relational public services, the think tank recently published new research examining employment support. The new report Working Together: The case for universal employment support argues for a new approach to create an integrated employment, skills and careers system: a Universal Work Service. This would offer universal access to all citizens, join up services, and strengthen relationships to improve outcomes, with responsibility for running the service devolved in England to reflect local needs and priorities.

The London Policy & Strategy Network will host Andrew Phillips, a Researcher at Demos who is the author of the report. Andrew will share findings from the research, discuss why relationships are vital in employment support and set out why Demos has proposed a new model in the form of a Universal Work Service.

We will then enable people taking part to discuss:

  • Reflections on the current system of employment, skills and careers services in London

The research published by Demos is available here.

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Demos is a champion of people, ideas, and democracy. We bring people together. We bridge divides. We listen and we understand. We are practical about the problems we face, but endlessly optimistic and ambitious about our capacity, together, to overcome them.

At a crossroads in Britain’s history, we need ideas for renewal, reconnection and the restoration of hope. Challenges from populism to climate change remain unsolved, and a technological revolution dawns, but the centre of politics has been intellectually paralysed. Demos will change that. We can counter the impossible promises of the political extremes, and challenge despair — by bringing to life an aspirational narrative about the future of Britain that is rooted in the hopes and ambitions of people from across our country.

Speaker: Andrew Phillips

Andrew is a Researcher at Demos, working on a range of topics including public services, climate policy, remote working and levelling up. His interests include citizen engagement, democratic innovation and long-term policy-making in government. Andrew has written several reports for Demos, most recently Working Together: The case for universal employment support, part of Demos’s wider programme on public service reform. Before joining Demos in 2021, Andrew was a Research Assistant in the public services team at the Institute for Government, where his work focused on comparative health care policy and performance in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sign up here for our session on 6 October



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