When have you felt listened to?

2 min readJun 18, 2024



In instances where I’ve felt truly listened to, I’ve not only felt valued, but I’ve also experienced a sense of empowerment. This feeling of being heard has opened me up to new perspectives, allowing me to approach problems with a fresh mindset.

When I’ve dedicated my time to active listening, without the distraction of formulating my response, I’ve found a deeper connection with others. This genuine attention has sparked my curiosity, leading to more engaging conversations and collaborative ideas.

I’m good at switching to “coaching” mode with people I know people and less so with people I don’t, perhaps because I feel the need to be more performative.

I’ve learned from getting tips from colleagues and these articles:

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When have you felt listened to?

What did it feel like?

So, how can we become better listeners? What steps can we take to cultivate this ‘silent’ art of active listening? I believe it starts with awareness and a genuine desire to understand others. What are your thoughts on this?




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