What do you care about?

I’m doing regular exercises from the “Five Minute Writer” book by Margaret Geraghty, where you get five minutes to write about particular subjects and this time, it’s about different senses you care about. It also feels inspired by French writer, linguist & semiologist Roland Barthes, so here goes!

I like the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, oak-barrelled Rioja, roasted orange peel, mellow musk, white peach & pear notes of Viognier and spiced rum.

I like the freshness of mango, salmon sushi, chevre doux and Japanese mint and burrata with basil.

I like the bitterness of cinotto, smoked Cynar negroni, blood orange, grapefruit and Campari sorbet and faisselle.

I like the chalkness of the North Downs, the White Cliffs of Dover and Beachy Head, tomme crayeuse and writing chalk on a black board.

I like the richness of blue cheese gorgonzola, Cornish & Breton butter, confit de canard, aligot, goose rillettes and a buffet.

I like the saltiness of anchovies, capers, whelks, oysters and fish and chips.

I like the brightness of snow-capped mountains, of the orange garden in Rome and the heat of an Andalusian village and turquoise sea in the Calanques and Croatia.

I like the darkness of a chalet surrounded by forests and mountains, of an espresso and a beef shin ragu.

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