When people feel supported by strong relationships, be that at work or in our everyday lives, change happens. And when we design new ways that make this connection and collaboration feel easy, people want to join in.

Neighbourhoods are the places where people are closest to their neighbours, where staff work with residents, and where our local businesses and communities are based.

What’s unique about Camden is the combination of a strong civic culture, physical & social infrastructure and economy at the heart of a global city.

Each of its neighbourhoods have their own distinctive identities, between the urban vibrancy of Camden Town to the university cluster of Euston & Warren Street to the West End in Covent Garden. They have different strengths too between the connectivity of Kings Cross and open spaces in Hampstead. There are great inequalities too however.

We developed We Make Camden in a way that celebrates the identity and strengths of the borough and its specific neighbourhoods and mobilises people around our values of solidarity and the borough’s rebellious spirit.

I’ve been working with Year Here through different councils, bringing people on frontline placements and consulting teams. I’ve commented elsewhere on how much I love this model. I was approached by Jack Graham to take part in a 24 hour challenge where @yearhere fellows tackle an issue over a day and use their skills, connections & empathy to create something amazing. Initially it was going to be focused on a different theme but then Covid 19 came round and we focused it on how we can amplify all the amazing energy & enthusiasm local residents have put in to helping each other. And so the fellows developed this. Dare you not to cry!

Head of Policy & Research @newhamlondon #localgov Co-founder of #systemschange & #servicedesign progs. inspired by @cescaalbanese