Walk in their shoes — recruiting for a human-centred Strategy and Policy Design service

A collective blogpost by new members of the Strategy & Policy Design team

We enter the new year with renewed hope and ambitions to deliver public services that truly represent and support Camden citizens’. Camden has launched recruitment to the Strategy and Policy Design service and some of the new members of the team wanted to share why we are excited about bring part of this journey. I want to welcome Benedicta, Polly, Kieran, David, Aga and Weronika to the team as Delivery Manager and Policy Designers. If you’re interested in joining the team then check out the advert for the Policy Designer roles and Business Analyst.

Benedicta- In Camden, there is a strong ethos of putting residents’ at the centre of everything we do as an organisation and as public servants we constantly push ourselves to go further to ensure that we recognise the experiences of residents and this approach to human-centred service and policy design is what attracted me to the organisation. As we gather learning from the pandemic from how quickly our local Voluntary and Community Sector mobilised to support their communities as well as the strong efforts of mutual aid groups, to how frontline staff went the extra mile to support residents; we know that as a collective of strategy and policy design teams across the organisation, we have to be responsive to this and ensure that this energy and commitment helps to deliver Camden’s 2025 vision. So when I heard that Camden is creating a Strategy Family of officers who will work collaboratively across the organisation to dig deeper into understanding our community and adapt our approaches based on this understanding, I knew I wanted to help to embed the mechanisms required to work in this way. I am excited about working with a team of people who are passionate about working in a collaborative way that is built on listening to, and caring about one another.

Polly — I am looking forward to being part of a team that will play a role in taking a renewed and coordinated approach to our core business: supporting the people and places of Camden. I see the new team as creating the space to think and reflect, and a framework and safe environment through which officers and communities are empowered to problem solve creatively, to experiment and innovate. But most importantly, I see its role as bridging gaps and uniting work ongoing across the Council, partners and the community in a meaningful and tangible way, working to deliver toward our shared Camden 2025 objectives

David — I’m looking forward to approaching policy and projects with a different mindset, thinking about what could be achieved, what is possible and what will make meaningful long term change for Camden. I’m also really looking forward to bringing people together to ensure we are joining up our work and to harness the amazing skills, creativity and innovation that exist in our local area!

Weronika — Working in a participatory, user-centric way, we hand over power over the design of public services to the residents. I think that it’s a major shift in the relationship between public organisations and the citizens and I’m excited to be part of that change.

Kieran — Policy Design allows me to combine my experiences in policy and service design & improvement — I am excited to take an absolutely human-centred approach to policy, co-designing services and policy in tandem, as well as learning new principles and trailblazing in this area.

Aga — I found the vision for the new Strategy and Policy Design community to be intriguing and exciting. The post offers a unique chance to join a new team and work on adapting the existing concepts of agile delivery and human-centred design within the context of local government and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of carrying out this work at Camden.

Want to join us as we work collaboratively with the organisation to deliver Camden’s vision?

We want people with a wide array of backgrounds to join the Strategy Family. Check out the job adverts for the Policy Designers here and for the Business Analyst role here.