Taking it to the streets

1. Root local places in the everyday innovations that help communities and places thrive, like We Make Camden

2. Build movements that celebrate & grow the innovations of our local communities & economies, like Public Collaboration Lab

  • Create & mobilise people around common causes that relate as much to their everyday lives as to the future, like feeling less lonely or more safer
  • Create a sense of urgency as much as help scale innovation by helping people take part in experiments which make a difference in six weeks through to those that help scale over a longer horizon
  • Use different levers we have and innovate in how we use them, not just as a service provider, but in how we invest, shape places, protect, regulate and campaign

How can you support people to mobilise around missions or common causes?

Public Collaboration Lab
  • Help people immerse themselves in experiences that give them the confidence and context to take part in more structured activities, like touring an estate to see the lives through the eyes of residents or seeing the stories of innovators or walking past a Think & Do space to drop in
  • Provide stepping stones for people to think & work differently so they can develop skills and take them back to their teams, organisations and communities — from testing tools like a Library of Things to developing projects to learning how to facilitate and coach like @enrolyourself
  • Building on existing tools that your organisation has developed and adapting them to different contexts, be it family group conferencing to other life situations
  • Create opportunities that have the greatest impact on the issue but also on the person, like on an issue where there’s a need to respond quickly, in a neighbourhood or even estate where there’s a concerted effort to tackle issues or for a team that want to work differently, like Bologna’s Office of Civic Imagination
  • Develop skills and test ways that surface innovation in different ways, not just default to design methods, but using others like role play, predictive modelling or visualisation, like Policy Lab
  • Develop your team’s capability to host & facilitate and attract organisations to invest and partner, like Public Collaboration Lab



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Head of Policy Design, Scrutiny & Partnerships @newhamlondon #localgov Co-founder of #systemschange & #servicedesign progs. inspired by @cescaalbanese