Putting the love back into community spaces

People give meaning to space in very different ways — just look at this a market space doubling up as a…railway.

Young people have taken over unloved spaces and given them a whole lotta love, like this takeover of a market by teenagers.

People have worked with groups to create different ways of putting a smile on unloved spaces, sharing the different emotions they get when they experience a space to getting people to tell the space what they’d like it to be.

Looking for smiles across the market nudges people to discover the nooks and crannies to go off the beaten path, to discover the unknown. By seeing what others have written shows people that people do care about the neighbourhood they live in. They’re not calls for help or calls for action as such. They’re voicing not just an individual “I wish this was” but a collective “I wish we could”.

Other groups are documenting how people are creating new forms of collaboration (@commloversguide) and proposing ways of how we can support the remaking of the “we” community in public spaces.

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