New operating models for local government

After reading the publication by Jenni Lloyd, Programme Manager at NESTA on New Operating Models for Local Government and blogging my reflections, I invited her to share their reflections at the London Policy & Strategy Network on how what councils could learn from this, which you can see in the video above. We then broke out into groups:

What’s needed to make the new operating models mainstream?

  • Strong leadership
  • Political buy-in
  • The resource to dual run
  • Engagement and communication
  • Cultural change
  • Looking ahead and taking the time to plan to get things right
  • Risk friendly & agile governance
  • Viewing the financial situation in a different light to only focusing on where cuts can be made
  • Wider acceptance and knowledge of complex systems, i.e. outcomes are emergent properties of system vs specifically attributable to the intervention
  • Becoming the norm

How could we accelerate that happening?

  • Community of practice for support as you’ve brought in new operating models
  • Start somewhere, go everywhere! I’m looking to speak with different colleagues and stakeholders
  • Find out where the ‘energy’ is to do things differently, and start there initially
  • Make people curious!
  • Demonstrating effective outputs
  • Structure change
  • Learn from the voluntary & community sector

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