Melt in your mouth: The ABC to good tapas

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Bizzarely I rarely talk or even waffle about food in my blog, even though it’s what I do best! I went to stay in my grandparents’ chalet I pretty much spent most of my holidays as a kid. I found in the cupboards a drawing I’d done which was the design of a restaurant advert. At the time, I wanted to work in advertising…the irony…although you can still see that inspiration in my love for soundbites.

It reminded me that one Christmas Eve, with my suitcases still unpacked, I thought I’d share some tips about the two cities I was living in at the time, Paris and Barcelona and another I went on holiday to, Belgrade. You can see I love food that looks as good as it tastes, so here’s my ABC of where to go in London.

Angels & Gypsies is set in the hustling bustling junction of Camberwell. It reminds me of being back in the Born Barrio in Barcelona with its washed out interior. As soon as you walk in, you can smell the freshly cut selection of breads. Very personal and relaxed service, the recipes are such a tasty blend of freshness of the fruits and crunchiness of the meats.

Tapas mix: Start off with a tangy cider from the Basque orchards or if you’re feeling frisky a raspberry caipirinha. Then mix the tangy & sweet roasted pear all over melted goats cheese and serrano ham, then melt in the mouth roast pork belly with clementines, rum plum jam, & green apple salad.

Brindisa is probably the most famous tapas bar in London and easily the most crowded. Everything is very fresh and elegantly plated and even though it’s constantly chocca, the staff are always very friendly. With Borough Market, it almost…almost feels like being back at La Boqueria.

Tapas mix: Anchovy salad, cider fried chorizo, patatas con ali oli washed down with manzanilla

Cornercopia is a restaurant smack in the middle of Brixton Village Market. I organised a recipe trail with them, but more on that later. To find it, look out for the wooden benches scattered with garden plant pots. The food is sourced from the nearby market or farms, and each dish is prepared with the passion of its cooks. Recipes change every week, so check out these photos to wet your lips!

Local mix: Sheep’s cheese terrine and herbs, Chicken and chorizo, rhubarb panacotta with black Kentish beer

You might have noticed that the cold is coming, so here are some homemade deserts to give you that warm glow for the winter.




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