Leveraging service design support to rapidly improve services

We know that if we are to respond to the financial pressures and increasing demand on many of our services, we need to focus much more on improving the delivery of our services and pinpointing where we can reduce demand on them.

We’ve developed a programme brokering support from universities to carry out projects to:

Carry out research, pinpoint improvements from the insights and develop and test actionable solutions with staff and users

While we’ve worked on challenges that have carried out the above, we now want to focus service design on our most important priorities.

1. Service design moves quickly from understanding demand to designing & validating improvements

2. We’ve developed partnerships that help produce actionable insights & outputs

Commissioners use the research to better understand their customers and manage demand. Services take forward the solutions designed and tested by the universities. Universities can apply their specialist skills in a real world environment and demonstrate impact.

3. We’ve focused on challenges that help shift to help citizens taking greater responsibility

How can we help disabled, long term unemployed & older people develop their digital skills to use our services & meet their needs online?

How can we make it easier and quicker for people visiting customer centres to get the support and information they need online?

How can we help street champions energise their communities and increase their impact?

How can we encourage new residents to take more responsibility for their communities?

How we can we help people better get involved in community activity on their street?

4. How universities have used service design to add value

  • Identified needs to understanding motivations and behaviours
  • Designed and tested solutions with users of our services & communities
  • Developed resources that can be used immediately by our services

We’re also building partnerships to help better use intelligence as part of the offer. Get in touch if you’re interested!

Head of Strategy (Communities) @camdencouncil #localgov Director @euroalter Co-founder of #systemschange & #servicedesign progs. inspired by @cescaalbanese