Learning en route

  • Many of the key opportunities that frontline staff think should be amplified were started pre-Covid 19 and can be accelerated.
  • We will need to build on the shared sense of purpose and urgency to energise people to work across teams on shared challenges.
  • We will need to work together across services to adapt and identify where we are best placed to lead, collaborate, or support others to lead.
  • Our residents face changing needs that can be invisible, we need to better value their creativity and strengths in tackling those.
  • We need to empower people closest to the problem to tackle these issues.
  • We will need to continue embedding digital into how we work and rethink how we use our physical spaces in this new normal.
  • Even though Covid-19 is still with us, there’s an opportunity to move from working at the pace of the emergency to work at the pace of our communities, to involve people in an inclusive way.

How we work

Lessons so far



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