How was your induction?

I’ve written about what I’ve learnt when starting a new job or working with a new manager. How about the induction process?

1. Experiencing the local area through the eyes of the people who live there

I remember starting at Camden and my boss had set me up with a timetable of meetings with key people I needed to speak to — fellow people on my senior management team, key directors and people on the corporate management team. And then came the two-day corporate induction.

2. Induction as a platform for personal development

The two other peoples I remember inductions were very different from each other. At Kent, my induction into management lasted…wait for it…two years! It was a structured leadership development programme that everyone who became a manager had to go on and then got an Institute of Leadership & Management qualification as a result.

3. Induction at the heart of the community

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