Insight & business intelligence — what’s in it for us?

I’ve written about how we can use different types of data in the pandemic world we live in to tackle the virus, anticipate emerging trends and test ways to rebuild our economies and communities. Although we have a strong track record of genuinely trying to understand what matters to people and developing skills for citizen scientists to better help us understand the impacts of the pandemic or of prosperity in an area going through significant regeneration, we need to be better at using thick and big data and thinking beyond needs to patterns to develop cases for why change is needed.

1. What do we want insight to help us achieve?

Use insight to make better quality decisions — from front line to strategic — to focus our resources on where they needed most

2. How can it help our different stakeholders?

More informed residents

3. We need to focus our limited resource and investment on those activities that add the most value

  • Demand on our services to help identify where & how we can manage and reduce demand
  • Needs of our residents to better target our investment for those who most need our support
  • Factors that put our residents at risk to help prevent issues from escalating & intervene early
  • Drivers for economic growth to help exploit the opportunities from these and shape growth
  • Changes taking place in the borough to better mitigate risks and plan for the future
  • Trusted information sharing agreement
  • Develop & share intelligence models (such as NHS combined predictive model), resources (i.e. GLA DataStore) and research/data collaboratives on specific issues (as used in health or Alliance for Useful Evidence)
  • Trusted connections with local community ecosystem
  • Real time / big data on use of physical (i.e. parking) & digital infrastructure (i.e. wifi) & environment (sensors & mobile traffic)
  • Robust data collection & reporting tools and investment in continuous improvement
  • Enable local businesses & communities to use data to develop new business opportunities and hold council to account
  • Robust data collection & reporting tools and investment in continuous improvement
  • Combine use of intelligence to develop multi-sided platforms and generate additional social value
  • Robust intelligence models and regularly updated intelligence
  • Combine use of intelligence to develop a better understanding of customers

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