From design to behaviours

We often work with people as if the only insights relevant to use are the experience and needs they have towards a service — i.e. renewing a blue badge — an issue — i.e. getting a job — or a neighbourhood.

But their experiences and expectations are shaped by similar experiences of using services, influences from their networks (i.e. “you can’t get a job through the jobcentre, so don’t sign on”) and the relationships the people they trust the most (have) had with particular services (i.e. parents who failed their exams at school) and external pressures (i.e. having to care for parents with dementia).

We need to move from customers with needs to understand the environment which shapes their motivations, behaviours and decisions.

I’ve found The Design With Intent Cards by Dan Lockton an excellent way to help you think through this creatively. From those cards, the following below are the techniques I’ve found the most helpful.

See more at Design With Intent.

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