From behaviour change to systems change

  • University College London hospital worked with Mercedes to make breathing aids easier to use
  • Our Neighbourhoods space N19 was repurposed by our partners to deliver essential suppliers via the Dare to Care collective

Send essentials to self-isolated people and PPE to the NHS.

Skip to content COVID-19 has forced elderly and immunocompromised people into isolation, and put NHS workers on the…

1. How can we change the system one step at a time?

  • Blend the experimental and the systemic
  • Don’t need to do everything at the same time
  • Develop communities of practice around the ideas
  • Continue researching even while you’re prototyping
  • Don’t just meet people’s needs, challenge what they need
  • Test different social norms

2. Develop a whole place approach to resilience

In a sense, we need to develop a whole place approach to resilience, where we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes, create experiences that embody people’s values, seed change throughout the local area and assemble all the actors involved to embed that change.

  • embodying the role of another part of the system, you get to really empathise with that role
  • looking at the other roles to see how your role positions itself in relation to them, you get to understand how close or far roles are to others
  • moving about to how you see your role working in the future, you get to see how roles could influence each other



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