At the start of the @enrolyourself programme, one of the first exercises to get to know each other was to be blindfolded and allow another person to navigate you without them speaking. We needed to look at each other’s movements to anticipate & identify how to collaborate, using different senses.

I love getting under the skin of people’s motivations & energies, helping people create new ways of thinking that come where people interact with different cultures. One of my fears though is overthinking what I ought to do and how I should act and row back from what feels challenging. That’s why I always love to get involved in new ways of getting to know myself and others.

Physical imagination helps open up and be instinctive. You open up to the unexpected and dive in and go with the flow of what feels exciting even if it’s scary. It helps you peel away the unknown to reveal the unexpected. It becomes like a walk up a mountain which is strenuous but where you’re navigating through a beautiful landscape. Standing, stroking, smelling what is…and what could be, surrounded and bounded, just the way it feels”

It reminded me of the U Lab technique of acting out the drama of systems change, getting people to smell, touch and listen to the smells, sights & sounds of markets, the call for ideas by NESTA on its Radical Visions for Government .

Imagine, enact & demand

You can’t develop future policies or practices if you don’t create the space for imagination. But you can’t just imagine those futures, you need to start enacting them so people can see what they might look like and then adjust & challenge them. And there are futures where you need systemic change that you can’t create just by practising it, you need to mobilise people to demand better futures.

Head of Strategy (Communities) @camdencouncil #localgov Director @euroalter Co-founder of #systemschange & #servicedesign progs. inspired by @cescaalbanese