Beautiful words

2 min readJan 4, 2023

As part of the exercises I’m doing from the “Five Minute Writer” book by Margaret Geraghty, here’s the next instalment — beautiful words.

What about the passion makes me think of an opera singer, a cocktail and Jesus and yet the sound of the word is very passive?

A mother may be the source of everyone giving birth and bringing up, but she is also the source of addictive unhealthy eating. The letter “M” was chosen as the symbol of McDonald’s as most languages’ word for mother starts with an M.

Saying a smile to anyone is likely to make them smile unless you ask them or tell them to smile, which can cause the opposite.

Love is a word encompassing, yet we only use it sparingly like we would with a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape or saffron. We rarely use the word eternity, yet it creates a sense of abundance.

Was it my destiny or my education to bring me up to not believe in destiny? What if destiny could be a collectively imagined desire we all wanted to walk towards?

When I hear the word freedom, I’m always on my guard as people often use it as a pretext to assert their dominance over others or to exclude them.

What’s the difference between freedom and liberty? When I hear liberty, I think of “liberty, egalite et fraternite” or…the fashion shop. It’s a posh way of saying freedom.

Tranquillity is another French word that evokes a state of being and a new environment, whereas silence produces just a sound…or a lack of it.

Is peace just a moment when people aren’t killing each other, or is it more, and if it’s not more, was there peace in England when there was peace with slavery?




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