Be a changemaker

I read through the excellent summary of the co-creation workshop by the social communications agency @forster4change on what makes a Changemaker.

It’s revealing to see from it that the core values of a Changemaker are principally focused around how they work with others — whether it’s through sharing skills or knowledge or being creative in collaboration.

“Positive change is delivered to audiences through familiar sources allowing for a better understanding of the message.”

What impact do changemakers have on the people that trust them most? Do we see change gravitate around the community the changemakers are part of or do changemakers gravitate around the communities which are the most open to change? The ideas of “positive deviance” can provide us with some clues, but where we need to careful not to engineer “creative class” approaches where people labelled as such cluster in a particular geographic area and the others are slowly moved out either through not being able to afford to live there anymore or recognise its values.

So who is it that decides that changemakers are contributing to positive change? How can we support accountability by people and communities to ensure that change is enacted through empathy and collaboration with others rather than to others?

How do we support creative disruption within and between networks of changemakers so that we don’t fall foul of groupthink? What might be the frictions between different types of change-making processes or with people of different world views of what change-making might mean?



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